Three-Layer Induction Seal Foam

Three-Layer Induction Seal Foam

Ensures maximum sealing composed of two parts which inserted inside the cap and the layer adheres and seals to the opening of the container. Comprises an induction sealing layer and a cardboard or PE foam layer divided by wax; the sealing layer is melted and applied to the opening of the container with aluminum. The strong seal ensures the safety of the consumers and the environment from aggressive filling contents, as well as long-term preservation of product properties. High Barrier layer can be added depending on the acidity of the contents.


Pesticides/Lubricant/Edible oil, foods, medicine, confectionery, cosmetics and aggressive chemicals


- Preserves the freshness/flavor of foods and beverages

- Ensures the safe storage of dangerous substances


Types of Containers

PET, HDPE, PP, (HDPE/EVOH/HDPE) Multilayer containers